Dr.ssa Martina Berti
Physiotherapist and Osteopath


I was born and raised in Bologna, the city where I attended university and to which I recently returned after several years of clinical practice in South Tyrol.

After earning the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Bologna in April 2010, I started several collaborations with accredited private hospitals in town.

Successive work experiences have been definitely crucial and enriching, allowing me to increase dedication for my job and to develop the appropriate skills and abilities to define the most suitable therapeutic strategy.

Here some of the most significant steps of my professional career:

I am registered in the Ordine dei TSRM (Tecnici Sanitari di Radiologia Medica e delle Professioni Sanitarie Tecniche) of Bologna.

Area of intervention


Below you find my most important areas of intervention. I also practice neurological and geriatric rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, postural rehabilitation, manipulation of musculoskeletal and visceral fascial tissue.


Physiotherapy assessment


Osteopathic physical assessment


Physiotherapy treatment


Osteopathic treatment


Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation


Functional Rehabilitation


Osteopathic approach on newborns and infants

(also with home consultation)


Osteopathic treatment for pregnant women and in the postpartum period


Pediatric physiotherapy


Technical consulting and telerehabilitation

(ergonomics, rehabilitative robotics and technology)



I work as a physiotherapist and osteopath in medical or physiotherapy practices in and around Bologna (Granarolo dell’ Emilia, Castel San Pietro Terme).

I also offer home physiotherapy service, if requested.

To make an appointment, you can reach me at +39 340 900 34 75 or at the following e-mail adresse: mail@fisioterapiaosteopatiaberti.it

Do you want to learn

more about my job?

Please find a brief description of my services below.


What is that?

Physiotherapy is the health profession that deals with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from congenital or acquired pathologies or dysfunctions of musculoskeletal, neurological and visceral systems through multiple therapeutic interventions, such as: physical therapy, manual/manipulative therapy, massage therapy, postural rehabilitation, therapeutic exercises, autonomy education.

This is how I practice

As a physiotherapist, I offer therapeutic strategies for functional recovery and pain treatment due to several pathological or dysfunctional situations, from mild to more complex ones.

The most important goal that guides each intervention and rehabilitation proposal is to reestablish the patient’s maximum possible autonomy and to guarantee them an increased life quality.

Further crucial goals are: resolution or alleviation of pain, functional recovery, therapeutic education, self-management, improvement of the quality of life, promotion of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The therapeutic strategy is proposed and agreed with the patient during the first appointment and modulated according to their emerging needs, taking into consideration the biopsychosocial integrity of each individual.


What is that?

Osteopathy is a complementary therapy defined by the World Health Organization in 2007 as a primary contact healthcare profession , which is addressed to all individuals, from newborns to elderly people and to categories of patients with specific needs (such as pregnant women).

Osteopathic treatment consists in the use of specific manual techniques for therapeutic purposes with the aim of improving physiological functions and supporting homeostasis in case of functioning alterations due to somatic dysfunctions, which can affect the skeletal, arthrodial and myo fascial tissues with related vascular, lymphatic and neural elements.

This is how I practice

As an osteopath, I offer my expertise to solve the patients’ problems, keeping in mind the principle of unity and interconnection of systems and their functioning.

The use of these techniques is suitable for the resolution of various dysfunctional conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and visceral system, of headaches, balance disorders, recurrent otitis and sinusitis, outcomes of trauma, whiplash, gynecological and digestive disorders.

Osteopathic treatment is particularly useful and recommended for the treatment of newborns and infants with typical disorders, such as sleep disorders, gas colic and reflux.

Any contraindications to osteopathic treatment are to be identified by a clinical doctor or a medical specialist.


What is that?

Rehabilitation is a process in which a person with disabilities is brought to reach the best possible level of autonomy on a physical, functional, social, intellectual and relational level, with the least restriction of his operational capabilities, even within the limits of his impairment.

This is how I practice

As a healthcare professional, I respond to the rehabilitative needs of people who find themselves in a condition of impairment, restriction of participation and limitation of activities in their living environment, intervening within the scope of my specific professional profile together with other specialist professionals.

Rehabilitation is like a path, characterized by many consecutive steps and involves the collaboration of professionals, tools and resources. It will be my pleasure to guide you along the entire journey or just part of it to achieve the established objectives.

Dr.ssa Martina Berti

Physiotherapist and Osteopath

VAT number: 03035861206

Registration number in the Ordine dei TSRM (Tecnici Sanitari di Radiologia Medica e delle Professioni Sanitarie Tecniche) of Bologna: 1231

Specialist services are performed only by appointment in Bologna, Granarolo dell’Emilia and Castel San Pietro Terme.

To arrange an appointment, please call or send a message to +39 340 900 34 75.